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Herbs and Vegetables

Tomato Seed BallsWe're so excited to offer our herb and vegetable seed balls again! We've worked  hard optimizing our matrix recipe for these seed balls, to ensure that they thrive for YOU!  We look forward to hearing about your seed ball gardens, and hope you'll send us some pictures! You can also purchase themed collections of our herb and vegetable seed balls.

Based on feedback from our fantastic customer base, we've simplified the packaging, added detailed planting instructions, and have bumped up the number of seeds balls per package. This means more seed balls for less, for you!

We've selected herbs and veggies that will produce reliably for the novice gardener. Plants do have some basic requirements, but these will give you the best shot even if your garden plot is less than ideal. 

Herb and vegetable seed balls come with an insert with planting instructions... and our guarantee.  

We stand by our product and are here to help you GROW! Contact us with any issues or concerns. We will replace or refund seed balls that you are less than happy with.