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Wildflower Seed Ball Fundraiser Brochure

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Looking for a fun, green, and innovative way to raise money for your project? Try our seed balls! 

A healthier alternative to cakes, sandwiches, and chocolate bars, our seed ball fundraisers not only offer your potential sponsors something unusual and good for the environment, you can support pollinators and native flowers while raising money for your cause!

Preview our brochure with these pdfs: (Front and Back)

Easy as pie.

We send you the awesome color brochures, you print the order forms. Download order forms here 

Sound good? Contact for answers to any questions that you may have: include some information about your project, the number of participants, and the location of your activity! 

How it works

  • All items cost your supporters the same. $15. You keep $5 per item. 
  • Flowers are selected by number, making it easy for young fund raisers to record orders. 
  • Brochures explain everything and are colorful, close up photos, printed on glossy paper to help you make more sales.
  • Rapid order fulfillment. Combine all your orders and give us a call. We'll cover shipping for your combined order! Your combined order of seed balls will arrive within 14 days of your final order. Call (814) 239-0078 or email with your order.

Step-by-Step - how our fundraiser works

Continental US only, please. 


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