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Bulk Seed Balls

Wholesale, Commercial Bulk & Dropshipping Application

Bulk Seed Balls for Education and Conservation

If you need large quantities for a restoration, ground cover, or agricultural project - or for an outreach or educational activity, we can use a bulk manufacturing process that significantly lowers the price. We can manufacture just about any species you might need, even those not in our consumer catalog. The typical sowing rate for seed balls in restoration context is 1 per sq. foot, about 40,000 per acre. Thank you for considering seed balls for your large-scale project!

Please contact us and describe what you have in mind, and I will provide you with detailed estimate and production schedule.

Bulk Conservation Pricing

Bulk Seed balls are made in large semi-automated batches and are not individually packaged. This special pricing is only available for restoration, outreach, and educational projects, and not for re-sale. If you're interested in selling our seeds balls, have a look at our Wholesale Seed Balls webpage. Selling our seed balls in your store is easy!

Education and Conservation Bulk Pricing:

  • 500-749 bulk seed balls : 25¢ per ball 
  • 750-999 bulk seed balls : 22¢ per ball 
  • 1000+ bulk seed balls : 20¢ per ball 

Special pricing available for the conservation of 1/2 acre (20,000 seed balls) or more.