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Cabbage Seed Balls (Red Acre)

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Red cabbage can be found from Europe to Russia, Asia to Africa, and in the Americas but its history is hard to trace. Russians eat 5 times as much cabbage (44 lbs) as Americans (8.6 lbs) per year. In costal Alaska, cabbages can grow to over 100 lbs because of the long, cool growing season!

High in Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and dietary fiber cabbage can be prepared numerous ways including pickled (sauerkraut and kim chee), steamed, sautéed, braised, roasted, raw and stuffed.

Red cabbage juice can be used to make a natural dye and also as a pH indicator because the color of the juice changes with the degree of acidity.


  1. Pick a spot that gets good sun.
  2. Plant after the risk of frost in early Spring.
  3. Sow cabbage seed balls 12 inches apart as shown on the picture to the left (it's also on the package). 
  4. Water when the soil gets dry. 
  5. Harvest cabbage heads before the frost, when a tight central head is established. 

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