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Arugula Seed Balls

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Arugula, also known as Roquette, or Salad Rocket, is a tender and peppery green that has about as many uses as your imagination. It is of European origin, where it was believed to excite the libido. It was apparently discouraged in monastery gardens for this reason. 

Eat arugula raw in salads, lightly wilted on steak or fried tofu, in soups, or in stir fries. 

Like all our veggies, these are non-GMO.


  1. Pick a spot that gets good sun.
  2. Plant after the risk of frost, but before Mid June.
  3. Sow arugula seed balls 12 inches apart. 
  4. Water when the soil gets dry. 
  5. Harvest arugula leaves as you need, leaving the plant to produce new growth for your next harvest. 

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