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Asian Vegetable Seed Balls

  • 1950

40 seed balls! 10 each of Thai basil, bok choy, daikon, and watermelon radish. A great mix for salads, stirfrys and other dishes with an Asian twist. 

Reliable, easy-to-grow abundant producers have been carefully selected for this collection.

Like all our veggies, these are non-GMO.


  1. Pick a spot that gets good sun.
  2. Plant after the risk of frost, but before Mid June.
  3. Sow  seed balls 12 inches apart. 
  4. Water when the soil gets dry. 
  5. Harvest basil leave as you need, pinching flowers off. Harvest radishes when tops appear 2" in diameter. Bok choy can be harvested young or mature, but harvest before it forms flowers. 

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