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Wildflower Shake- Refillable Gardening Seed Shaker

  • 1200

Shake it for the planet, Baby! 

We grok wildflower gardening, and offer this twitchin' alternative gardening product that will R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.I.Z.E your green habit. 

Shake these where they can catch some rays and soak up the rain, for some boss wildflowers.

Be the midnight gardener and sprinkle some on gnarly bare soil when the Fuzz isn't too hairy in your hood. 

To save you some scratch, we cut you a groovy break on refills.


Sprinkle these seeds for the environment, dear customer. 

We understand wildflower gardening and offer this unusual gardening product that will enhance your gardening techniques.

Sprinkle in the sun where they can receive rain for lovely flowers. 

Garden in neglected areas of your neighborhood where it is legal or where you won't get caught.

Save money by purchasing refills. 

  • Over 250 seeds in each shaker or refill.
  • Best planted in the spring after frost, or late fall. 

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