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Compost Cubes

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Compost Cubes are 3/4" cubes of the finest sustainably derived compost available. Compost Cubes are compressed and dried for easy, no-mess handling.

Compost Cubes naturally help soil and plants in many ways. Organic matter enriches soil nutrients and improves the soil texture and water-holding capacity for growing root systems. When used as a tea, it helps leaves resist certain blights and wilts, drenches roots with easily accessible nitrogen and minerals, and revitalizes the soil microbial community, improving long-term nutrient availability.

Compost Cubes will not burn plants and are safe for kids to use with proper hand-washing.


•Compost Tea
Place a Compost Cube in the supplied tea bag, then place the teabag in a watering can. Fill with cool water and allow to soak for an hour. Water plants as needed, rinsing the leaves with compost tea and allowing the tea to fall on the soil. Empty the tea bag into the soil and reuse the bag. Compost tea keeps indefinitely, use it every other time you water your plants. The bag is compostable, simply bury it with your last compost cube.

Don't apply tea to plants that you will be eating within two weeks, and wash food before preparing.

•Top Dressing
Press a couple Compost Cubes into the soil next to your plants.

•Deep Root Treatment
If you have nutrient depleted soil, place several Compost Cubes 6-8 inches beneath your plantings.

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