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Seed Ball Matrix

  • 1500

Our own ready-to-use seed bomb mix!

  1. Pinch off a bit.
  2. Add a few seeds.
  3. Roll!

With our own Seed Bomb Matrix, there’s no dusty mess, no running around looking for materials, and no questions. It’s 100% ready to use. Just add seeds.

Super fast.   Super fun.   Super fertile! 


Who loves our Seed Bomb Matrix?

  • Nature Centers - Our customers range from National Air and Space Museum to The US Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Schools - Classrooms and Earth Day events throughout the US use this matrix.
  • Libraries - Especially popular at Libraries in the NE and Central US right now!
  • Scouts - An affordable, simple, green activity for short scout meetings.
  • Busy Moms & Dads - Little time and want to cut to the good stuff? This is the product for you and your kids.
  • Seniors - Bringing gardening indoors to a table top, where some seniors are most comfortable. Warm up the bag of matrix in a bowl of warm water for a therapeutic activity!
  • KIDS! - Mud inside? What could be more fun!

Comes with detailed directions.

Seed balls should be the size of a dime. For correctly sized seed balls, you can estimate the following: 

  • 0.5 kg makes 100 seed balls
  • 1 kg makes 200 seed balls
  • 5 kg makes > 1000 seed balls

Helpful Tips makes the matrix with a very high organic matter content, mimicking the top layers of the soil. The three types of compost offer a balanced chemistry and slightly acidic-neutral pH, which seeds and seedlings love. Engineered by the crew of environmental scientists at


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