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Mexican Hat Guerrilla Droppings (Ratibida Columnifera)

  • 1964

Mexican Hat

Plant Mexican Hat, for an abundance of orange and burgundy in the Summer. Attractive to a wide range of beneficial pollinators. Blooms the first year and happily grows in zones 3-8. Native throughout much of the US. 

Cultural History

A tea elixir was made by Native Americans to treat poison ivy and snake bites. 


  • 0.5 kg  covers 200+ square feet and is equivalent in coverage to 200 seed balls
  • 1kg  covers 400+ square feet and is equivalent in coverage to 400 seed balls
  • 5kg covers 2000+ square feet and is equivalent in coverage to 2000 seed balls

      A note about Guerrilla Droppings:
      Guerrilla Droppings, protect the seeds from erosion, foraging, and many other factors. This protective property often results in a slower germination cycle. Wildflowers are also highly variable in their germination rates. Please be patient with your droppings. If you placed them in a suitable location, soil, and climate, when the seeds are ready, they will grow!

      OUR PROMISE We guarantee your satisfaction and will provide a full refund or replace your seed balls if your are not satisfied. Just contact us with your questions and we will work out a solution! We want your Guerrilla Droppings to grow!

      California, Oregon

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