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Cucumber Seed Balls

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We've picked a powerhouse of a pickle for you! With firm flesh and small seeds, Boston Pickling Cukes are as good in salads as they are in the pickle barrel!  

This cucumber produces continually after about 60 days. These cukes are short, 3-6", perfect to harvest and eat up in single sittings, or to fit in your pickle jars!

Cucumber, squash, pumpkin, and melon flowers are also pollinator favorites. 

Like all our veggies, these are non-GMO.


    1. Pick a spot that gets good sun.
    2. Plant at least a week after the last frost. Cucumbers need warm weather to  germinate.
    3. Sow cucumber seed balls 20 inches apart, they will enjoy something to climb if available. 
    4. Cucumbers like moist soil, so water liberally!
    5. Harvest cucumbers as they mature to keep the vines producing. They are ready when green and firm, before they appear to swell much in the middle for the smallest seeds and firmest flesh. Slice up and eat fresh from the garden, or pickle!

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