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Basil Seed Balls (Thai)

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Thai Basil has a slightly spicy flavor, like anise, compared to the Itallian varieties. Its flavors also holds up better to the high temperatures associated with Thai cooking well. Our Basil seed-balls should sprout in 8-14 days and while it may be slow to grow at first but will take off once it has the first few sets of leaves. Harvest by picking a few leaves for your salad or recipe, or by cutting the stems above the bottom 4 sets of leaves. To encourage growth pinch off flowers as they develop.

Like all our veggies, these are non-GMO.


  1. Pick a spot that gets good sun.
  2. Plant after the risk of frost, but before the end of May.
  3. Sow basil seed balls 12 inches apart. 
  4. Water when the soil gets dry. 
  5. Harvest basil leaves as you need and allow to grow for additional harvests. When basil comes into flower, remove blossoms, or harvest at once for stir fry or to dry.

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