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Seed Balls - by your brand!

Ready for your tag!Interested in carrying our seed balls under your brand name? We gotcha covered!  

Enjoy bulk commercial pricing. Enjoy the benefits of our countless hours of research into a growable, shippable, and sustainable seed ball.  Enjoy happy customer who love the seed balls and come  back for more!

We offer our most reliable species for rebranding. This is because your customers are important. 


How Re-Branding with works

  • We offer our 1/2" diameter seed balls packaged in packs of 20 or 50 seed balls.
  • They have a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months, but require planting during the correct time of year for the individual seed type. We can help you make certain that you are getting the right species of seeds at the right time of year in your region. 
  • The packages come with integrated planting instructions for the specific species an email address to our help desk, for questions, and an expiration date, and a desiccant packet. 
  • We use heat-sealed plastic and a desiccant packet because it is critical to keep the seed balls away from humidity while in storage.
  • Packages do not have header tags, you may add a header tag with your own branding. We can pack in 3" or 4" wide bags.
  • Prices to customers must be fixed at $14.50 for packs of 20 seed balls and $20 for packs of 50 seed balls. 
  • Re-branded seed balls may be sold at your brick and mortar location, special events such as fairs and farmers markets, and at your brand's website. They may not be sold on or to third party sites or companies such as, but not limited to,,, and so on. 

If you are interested in selling our seed balls with your brand's name, please contact Dr. Blake Ketchum.