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Seed Ball Promos and Give-Aways

Seed Balls are exciting and unusual promotional items that always bring attention and a smile to your organization or event. 

Promotional ideas

  • Place a bucket of free seed balls at your expo booth to draw visitors.
  • Put a few seed balls in a small bag with your business card to show clients your green ethic and help distinguish your business from the rabble. 
  • Hand out at Earth Day and Grand Opening events as promotional items. 
  • Place a pack of seed balls inside your information package or product as a thank you. 

Because promotional seed balls are not used directly for profit, we offer unpackaged bulk seed balls of wildflowers native to your region at conservation prices. 

Conservation Bulk Pricing:

  • 500-749 bulk seed balls : 25¢ per ball 
  • 750-999 bulk seed balls : 22¢ per ball 
  • 1000+ bulk seed balls : 20¢ per ball 

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