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How Our Seed Ball Fundraiser Works

It's pretty darn easy, with a generous profit margin for your group!

    1. Order enough 5¢ fundraiser brochures or kits for every participant. Include a note about your fundraiser, we'd love to hear about it! Need them for free? Just give us a call at (814) 239-0078 or email
    2. Within 10 days, you will receive your coloful brochures. Print some order forms.
    3. Go raise money! Have your boosters select flowers by number. Information for each different flower is on the back of the brochure to help with their selection. You'll keep $5 for every item you sell!
    4. You can just call in your order (814) 239-0078. We'll cover shipping for your combined order! Your seed ball order will arrive within 14 days of your order date! 

Questions? Contact for more information. Continental US only, please.