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How Our Seed Ball Fundraiser Works

It's pretty darn easy, with a generous profit margin for your group!

  1. Order enough fundraiser kits for every participant*. (The deposits will be refunded in full when you place your order.) Include a note about your fundraiser, we'd love to hear about it!
  2. We may email or call to verify that your are with a fundraising organization, however small. Individuals and homeschoolers are welcome to use our fundraiser.
  3. Within 10 days, you will receive your fundraiser kits via USPS Priority Mail. The kit contents are listed, below, and also on the kit product page.
  4. Go raise money!  If you need more brochures or order forms, you can print or request them, below. Have your boosters select flowers by number. Information for each different flower is on the back of the brochure, and also on the packaging when they receive their seed balls.
  5. You can just call in your order (814) 239-0078, or you can order online (steps 6-8)
  6. Your kits will include a special login and one-time checkout code. Example completed order form. Login to this website with your account credentials. Go to the fundraiser products page to purchase your seed balls. If you are logged in, the discounted pricing will reflect $5 profit for every package you sold.
  7. Adjust the quantities as needed in your shopping cart.
  8. Use the discount code will to subtract the refund for your deposits! 
  9. Your seed ball order will arrive within 14 days of your order date!
  10. You can print the directions that will come with your fundraiser kit here.

    Each kit contains: 

    Questions? Contact for more information. Continental US only, please. 


    *In special cases, such as public schools in economically challenged areas, we often are willing to waive the deposit. If this is the case, just contact Dr. Blake Ketchum and describe a bit about your interest. We're happy to help.