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We're here to help. Although we're a business, conservation is our number one priority. 

This may sound peculiar, but in most cases, we won't recommend seed balls. We'll recommend our Ground-CoverAlls or our Guerrilla Droppings. In some cases, seed may be most appropriate. 

The seed balls have an important value with outreach and education. Their round shape helps make them very accessible to people who are young or don't have a lot of experience with gardening. They are very approachable. So the price of seed balls is tied up in manufacturing a nice looking standardized product. Not so important if you are more concerned with the Earth...

Our conservation seed pellets are here: We're always adding more species, and can make custom batches. These cost about 1/10 of the $1/bomb seed balls you'll often see. They grow very well, too. 

If you have a large conservation project with specific needs, drop us a line. We're happy to discuss the most effective and affordable options with you. We want a greener world, too. 

~Dr. Blake Ketchum