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Farewell-to-Spring Guerrilla Droppings (Clarkia amoena)

  • 1964

Clarkia amoena is an annual wildflower, related to the Evening Primroses. It is native to the American West, where it can be found along costal bluffs, but it will happily grow anywhere in zones 3-10. It produces variably white, pink, and fuschia two-toned blossoms in clusters at about 18-24 inches above ground.

Plant Farewell-to-Spring, for an abundance of pink and white flowers in the late Spring and Early Summer. Attractive to a wide range of beneficial pollinators.



  • 0.5 kg  covers 200+ square feet and is equivalent in coverage to 200 seed balls
  • 1kg  covers 400+ square feet and is equivalent in coverage to 400 seed balls

    A note about Guerrilla Droppings:
    Guerrilla Droppings, protect the seeds from erosion, foraging, and many other factors. This protective property often results in a slower germination cycle. Wildflowers are also highly variable in their germination rates. Please be patient with your droppings. If you placed them in a suitable location, soil, and climate, when the seeds are ready, they will grow!

    OUR PROMISE We guarantee your satisfaction and will provide a full refund or replace your seed balls if your are not satisfied. Just contact us with your questions and we will work out a solution! We want your Guerrilla Droppings to grow!

    California, Oregon, Washington

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