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I never been so happy with the seed ball service I've received
jeff Justin
The instructions said the seeds would germinate in 7-14 days. After 7 days, seeds are just beginning to germinate. The seedlings are very small now but they seem to be healthy. Hopefully they will all grow into beautiful plants.
LJ in North Carolina
Thank you so much for speaking with me & helping when our Girl Scout Earth Day project fell through - I love this new project idea & am very glad to work with your company! Kelly
Kelly from California
Your products are amazing, my parents have never been disappointed!!
I showed these to my neighbors (each of us has 40 semi-wooded acres) and they are enthusiastic... we are having a 'seed-bomb' party after the first rains... hope to get those monarchs in numbers next year!
D. M. from California
I contacted the seller before I placed the order. They are very prompt with responses and knowledgeable about their products. I will definitely place another order with this seller.
K.L.D. from Michigan
The watermelon radishes grew right away!
C.D. from California
It was so easy!!! Not nearly the mess. Kudos!! I'd love to see more types of cucumbers.
T.S. from Idaho
Thank you so much for the package you sent! It is so lovely and delightful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thankful for you!
M.P. from Indiana
Love them bigger than expected,which is great! Easiest way to plant!
A.D. from New Jersey
So far so good, well packaged and on time for planting. The company even gave me a place to email if I had problems. The seeds are in the ground and hopefully when summer comes I will have milk weed and Monarch butterflies everywhere!! Thank you so much!!
J.A.H. from Alabama
And thank you, I will distribute the extras among my friends -- I just planted a bunch of the balls in advance of rain forecast for tomorrow (fingers crossed -- I'm in SoCal so rain is a rare treat!) and I was amazed at how much easier it was! I mean, peas and beans are fine; they're easy to see and pick up, but cilantro, parsley, carrots, dill -- I end up planting a million seeds at once! I can't wait to share this with my gardener friends!
J.K. from California
This sounds like a GREAT spring fundraiser!
Dear ------- Elementary, please ditch the wrapping paper and over priced kitchen crap we won't use. Seed-balls can provide a never ending gift to not only you, but the environment. Feeding honey bees and all pollinators should be THE NUMBER ONE fundraiser across the country!
Wonderfully weird stuff.
Love guerrilla droppings!!
My friends are saying that I am "monarching" with all my seed planting and preaching milkweed . These seed balls are so easy to handle and plant. Love them !
Sometimes you meet people who are really terrific. Seed-Balls happens to be one of those people! I asked a question at night and had a reply by morning! Its a great product and a great idea. I received my order earlier than scheduled. I will buy from them again. I will recommend to all my friends.Visit their website:
J.B. from New York
FAST SHIPPING. Great price. Comes w/planting instructions and is for a GREAT cause, help mother earths pollinators. WILL REORDER. THANK YOU.
T.D.T. from Iowa
The radish seed balls arrived on a timely basis. I've already planted them, and protected them from an unexpected freeze. This is such an ingenious solution to the pesky problem of planting tiny seeds. I am looking forward to seeing the results.
L. R. from Maryland