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growNow! for Milkweed

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So many folks set out to plant milkweed by harvesting seeds in the Fall, then wait until the Spring to find out that the seeds need to overwinter. 

Bummer... but no worries! We can help. 

These easy dormancy breaking kits treat your milkweed seeds with a suite of naturally occurring plant hormones developed in our laboratory to induce germination in your specific type of milkweed.

Each kit contains: 

  • Bottle with pre-measured plant hormone powder.
  • Muslin bag for straining seeds.
  • Enough plant hormones to treat ~300 seeds (a typical Common or Showy Milkweed pod).
  • Detailed directions - Basically: wait until after the frost in the Spring, add water to bottle, shake, add seeds to bottle, shake, let sit for 24 hrs, strain and plant. 

Coming soon:

What type of milkweed seeds do you have? Here are pictures and descriptions of the most common and their native ranges. 





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