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Naturally enriched top-dressing for planters and house plants


  1. Sprinkle ¼” to ½” of MicroMulch on top of potting soil.
  2. Water as usual.


MicroMulch is made to improve the appearance of tired potting soil while providing it with a balanced natural microbial community, essential for soil nutrient release. We also add a touch of rock powder made from ancient volcanic minerals located in a Utah bluff, known as Azomite. This rock formation has one of the most complete naturally occurring micronutrient profiles for plants and will give your plants what no regular potting soil has to offer.

When the water seeps through the MicroMulch top dressing, gentle amounts of fertilizer filter into the soil for your plant to take up with the water. It will never burn your plants, nor will it create nitrogen hot spots that can kill roots.

The compost in MicroMulch is sustainably sourced in Pennsylvania. We rotary screen it to the highest standards in our workshop with a trommel engineered and made by our own production chief.

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