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Pumpkin Seed Balls

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Connecticut Field Pumpkin, the classic Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin! Several medium-sized pumpkins usually grow on each vine. Keep moist throughout growing season to help feed the pumpkins! Plant three months prior to harvest.

 Pumpkin seed balls are a bit more expensive than our regular seed balls. They are large seeds and need to be hand placed in larger seed balls. 

Like all our veggies, these are non-GMO.


  1. Pick a spot that gets good sun.
  2. Plant after the risk of frost in early Spring. Plant 3-months before desired harvest date.
  3. Sow pumpkin seed balls 2-feet apart. 
  4. Water when it the soil gets dry, especially if you want larger pumpkins!
  5. Harvest pumpkin heads before the frost, about three months after planting. 

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