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Ultimate Guerrilla Gardening Kit

  • 6500

Everything you need to get you started in the Guerrilla Gardening movement. 

  • 100 wildflower seed balls native to your shipping state- plantable at the time of delivery and 4 months into the future. 
  • 50 assorted vegetable seed balls for food desert mitigation - for Spring planting. 
  • Your choice of Seed Ball Cannon or Up-cycled Slingshot.
  • 50 milkweed seed balls for Monarch Butterflies, native to your shipping state - for Fall planting. 
  • 2 Monarch Support bumper stickers: "I planted milkweed in your yard."
  • 1kg seed ball matrix, enough to make 200 more seed balls with your own seeds. 
  • Perennial Red Clover Guerrilla Droppings - (100+ seed ball equivalent) for pollinator support guerrilla gardening. Adored by honey bees and other pollinators. 

Well over $100 value. 

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